It’s about you

Eating – I usually cook for retreat guests; home-made dishes, using locally sourced ingredients and catering for vegetarian and other dietary preferences.

Sleeping – We agree when you want to get up. It may be important that you take all the time you need to sleep.

Being connected – We discuss how much or how little you would like to use your mobile devices. Changing being ‘always on’ may be an important part of the retreat.

Support – I am around as much or as little as you want. That can change during the retreat, as sometimes questions surface that people would like us to explore together.

Consultation – Before your retreat, we have an hour’s telephone conversation agreeing what you want the retreat to be about, tailoring the content, and understanding what being cared for is like for you.

Follow up – After your retreat, we have an hour’s telephone conversation about your experience.

My wish is for people to leave their retreat relaxed in their body, clearer in their mind, and stronger in their heart.